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The energy industry is growing at a rapid pace. The future of energy is diverse, electrified, sustainable and renewable. Sparrow Energy plans to be an integral part of its story. Our insight page will provide white papers, news, and press releases regarding the present and future of energy.

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Government, Policy & Energy Internship

Updated: Jan 12

Sparrow Energy Services is dedicated to introducing minority youth to careers in STEM. Sparrow Energy Services is implementing our Inaugural G.A.P. Internship Program (Government and Policy) February 2020. Our new internship program will introduce high school & college aged students to government policies, laws and trends in energy.

This semester long internship will give these students research, proposal writing, program design & program management experience with the government and small businesses. If you or anyone you know is interested in being a 2020 G.A.P. Intern please apply by February 1, 2020.

Space is limited for this internship. Please apply for our 2020 class now.

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