Residential & Commercial

Sparrow Energy works with utilities to incentivizes their customers to use less electricity during the spikes in usage that put excessive strain on the grid. Our solutions are imperative in the effort to manage short and intense increases of demand on the power grid.



Over the last 10 years, we have seen a significant increase in Utility customers’ engagement with their consumption of energy. With advancing technology, they live in progressively connected homes and interact with consumer goods—such as learning thermostats, smart water heaters, light bulbs and electric vehicles—that can be leveraged for Demand Response purposes. These smart, responsive devises make it easier than ever for utilities to remotely enhance the energy consumption in participating customers' homes within an agreed-upon arrangement over the duration of a DR event.

Sparrow Energy’s ability to maximize energy savings for utility clients of all sizes is unparallel. Through thorough, tailored program design and implementation, Sparrow increases customer participation and minimizes costs. Our “People First” approach and input from our experienced team members helps to tailor comprehensive programs to the needs of the specific community and produce the most effective outcomes. Beyond design, we implement and market every aspect of an energy efficiency program, including customer contact centers, energy assessments, retrofits, HVAC, trade ally management, and incentive processing, among others. Whether it’s a Commercial & Industrial, Single-Family or Multi-Family Demand Response program, Sparrow Energy streamlines the delivery using best practices in customer recruitment.  We use strategies such marketing that focuses on clear, diverse language and visual representations to outline step-by-step participation processes. More than create tangible and significant energy savings, our approach positions our utility clients as trusted energy advisors as they facilitate future programs for their customers.