Sparrow Analytics collaborates with utilities big, small, public and coop, to help them utilize multi-source data to apply business insights to their various business units.  Our services include consulting to help design data collection methodologies to ensure that utilities are collecting the data that is needed to allow for analysis into desired business insights; cleaning data to ensure that utilities are using accurate data; performing data analytics, performing business metric analytics and creating data visualization and reports to easily display and interpret data.

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To support better business decision making, Sparrow Analytics uses a variety of technology applications and best practices for the collection, interpretation, analysis and presentation of data.


Sparrow Analytics’ systematic approach to collecting, ensuring integrity of, transforming and modelling data, supports our utility clients through critical decision making tasks.


Sparrow Analytics’  expert analytics team can detect, correct, remove or replace corrupt or bad data to ensure that the data analytic results have the highest level of integrity.


Utility Industry

Sparrow Energy Services focuses entirely on the utility industry and all the facets within. With the complexity involved within the special requirements of each business unit, data analytics is critical to making informed decisions.  Whether trying to determine how to reach a diverse mix of customers, understand the dynamics of the next outage; manage planned plant outages or perform capacity utilization of smart meters, Sparrow Analytics is there with the expertise and tools needed to create suitable solutions.


Predictive asset management — Predicting equipment failures can result in lower cost and reduced customer counts.  Sparrow Analytics analyzes data on equipment usage that is present in a broad set of sources to give our clients valuable information to better manage their assets.


Asset utilization- Sparrow Analytics can utilize data collected from smart meters by comparing usage to capacity to perform capacity utilization trend analysis. Our exports can aggregate the data to analyze transformer loading.


Sparrow Analytics can use information from meters deployed at customer premises to improve customer service. By analyzing meter information, utilities can provide notifications of power outages and restorations, analyze of power quality in the home or business, and be better positioned to make recommendations that will improve the energy efficiency of the building.


As new technologies become available, disrupting historic methods of generating, transmitting and distributing power, more data is available to utilities to develop new analytic models.  Sparrow Energy Services uses advanced analytics mythologies such as predictive and prescriptive analytics, forecasting and optimization to uncover opportunities for grid analytics.


Sparrow Analytics uses different analytic methodologies, tools and techniques to help utilities design and manage their supply chains.  Our supply chain experts can help utilities develop competitive advantages by using predictive modelling as opposed to hindsight. By modelling uncertainty, utilities can also anticipate weaknesses in their supply chain and provide proactive solutions that will avoid hidden inefficiencies. Sparrow Analytics will also provide customer and pricing analytics to simplify the true and entire profitability picture of supply chain decisions and impacts.