Smart Cities. LEED Certifications.

At Sparrow Energy, we place an emphasis on exceeding our clients’ expectations. To that end, we create custom solutions specific to customers' needs. Our years of experience working in energy efficiency, combined with our strong partnerships with best-in-class manufacturers of software and equipment, allow us to create a holistic journey for our customers.

Whether global corporations or small businesses, we understand those who may be short on resources and may lack the time to research and understand their utility provider's energy efficiency program offering. We have years of experience working with businesses, schools, and government facilities, understanding pain points and conveying the benefits of energy efficiency projects. In this way, Sparrow Energy is instrumental in building relationships between businesses and public facilities and their local utilities.


There are a number of ways that Sparrow Energy helps clients conquer their challenges:

·        Provide insight on utility, local and national government programs and rebates that will offset project costs.

·        Finds eligible measures that help maximize saving potential.

·        Streamline ordering, reimbursement paperwork, and installation- making the process simple and convenient.


In addition to streamlining processes, Sparrow Energy offers a wide range of services for our business clients:

·        Technical support for completing applications and identifying and prioritizing energy saving projects.

·        Provide access to a broad and experienced contractor network.

·        Wide range of measures for energy savings—lighting, refrigeration, faucet aerator and spray valve upgrades, for example.